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What does the world need?


As I note in my post “7 Reasons To Write For Yourself,” writing is thinking. I use writing to help me sort out all the gibberish going on in my head. Currently I am worried about the future. My own future and the future of the world (have you seen the news?). I thought I had my career all sorted, but I fear I might need to rethink everything. But where do you begin when you already have a pretty great job that will just disintegrate? And so I decided to dedicate my recent writing to the question of exploring my life purpose. This question was one that I found productive for me to write about and to help me think about my place in the larger world:

What does the world need?

I wrote a great deal in my journal about this question and ended up with this poem: A Wish. However, thinking about this question is also helping me think about my future in less desperate and more productive ways.

I invite you to write about this question and tell me what you learn in the process.

Artwork by onemicGfx on DeviantArt.


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