Doors opening, closing on us

In 2020 we spend a lot of time contemplating the idea of opening and closing which brings me to the idea of Schrodinger’s Cat. This season, this year of uncertainty, has inspired us to think and write about our Schrodinger lives and the Schrodinger virus, and just recently a friend tweeted about Schrodinger’s education plan, but as I shop at Kroger I thought we are also living through Schrodinger’s reopening.

Perhaps that is something that inspires you to write, or if you want more opening/closing inspiration I offer you Marge Piercy’s Doors opening, closing on us as a springboard for writing. As always, lift a line or image or write in response to her words. I have been thinking and writing about the way “others” think in an attempt to understand the thinking behind those so eager to ignore the virus and its wrath – the wreckage in its path and the ripples of destruction issuing before it and as a result I find myself thinking about this idea of the door as a metaphor or maybe I’m just circling around Schrodinger again.

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