My #OLW for 2018 is Question

I have made no secret of my love for the one little word (#OLW) concept rather than focusing on a New Year’s Resolution. I find tremendous comfort choosing a focus word to guide me. However, every year I struggle greatly with the choice of the right word. Perhaps because my life is such a mess. Contemplating that mess led me to consider choosing the word “prioritize” as my one little word. After all, if I do not set my priorities in order (every single day) then things become even more chaotic (difficult to imagine but true). Even more important though, I need to really think about those priorities, because it is so easy to let others set them and I can quickly lose sight of what is important for my  mental and physical health as well as happiness — not just the work that needs to be done for my too-many-roles (because they will never be done after all). That led me to choose Question as my one little word for 2018.

I need to question my priorities, because I find myself neglecting my health and happiness. I need to question my choices because life keeps getting harder rather than easier. I need to question the motives of everyone because far too many people in my life do not have my best interests at heart.

I teach my students to question and I apply those techniques to the news I consume, the marketing tools presented to me, and so much more, but I do not do enough questioning when it comes to my personal life and my personal choices. May my one little word help me do better in 2018 and, therefore, lead a better life. 

Note: While searching for my #2018 OLW I reviewed my previous choices and I still love what I wrote last year about Light (2017). I still feel that is the strongest of my #OLW essays although 2016’s choice of Cool can still make me laugh. Simplicity in 2015 was also a good choice although I have failed on every level to follow through with that goal. Have you thought about finding your own one little word to guide your future?

Image created by geralt. Found on Pixabay.