At What Price

A poem I read this morning inspired my morning journal entry. I focused on that one simple question: “At What Price?” David St. John’s poem “Before Dawn” was brought to my in-box by Poem-a-Day. And I was struck by that question and further inspired by the meditation behind his poem: “inadvertent accountings of what’s been […]

Writing About Loss

Take, for instance, a newly divorced man who’s obviously going through a difficult transition. He might need a place to temporarily keep his belongings while he’s sorting out where he’s going to live. Or how about a daughter who’s moving her elderly father into a nursing home? Is the daughter just supposed to chuck everything […]

Consider “The House That Built Me”

One of the most common writing themes is to explore our roots: the people and places and events that shaped our lives. There are many different ways we can explore our past in writing but today I want you to consider this simple prompt inspired by Miranda Lambert’s “The House That Built Me.” Write about the […]

Freewriting May Seem Crazy, 2 Reasons You Should Do It Anyway

“Freewriting may seem crazy but actually it makes simple sense,” Peter Elbow notes in Writing Without Teachers. Freewriting does make sense, because every piece of writing advice I have ever received boils down to one simple rule: you need to write to become a better writer. Freewriting is one of the simplest, and yet most […]

About Your Mark

I recently read Amy King’s Ancient Sunlight (brought to me by Poem-a-Day) and I have been thinking about her words as well as her motivation for writing the poem: ‘Ancient Sunlight’ is a consideration of the ways in which we attempt to preserve aspects of ourselves via identity, via material existence (hence the physics aspect) […]

The Art and Practice of Flanerie

I am in the midst of preparing my course materials for a writing class I will teach in Scotland next summer through the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA). The focus of the class will be the art and practice of flanerie. I believe this is an ideal framework for a group of writers who […]