I first registered for Lexington Poetry Month in 2015, but could not bring myself to publish a poem. Then in 2016 I dedicated myself to the effort and managed to post 12 poems and then the next year 16 poems. In 2018 it was 15, in 2019 it was only nine, in 2020 it was 13, and in 2021 it was 17. I know the quality of my poetry is uneven at best, but I am happy to have made poetry a priority every June for the past six years. Even if the endeavor has not made me a better poet, it has definitely made me a better writer and teacher of other writers. I also know that engaging with other writers from the beginning of the pandemic until now has also made me a better, and happier, writer. If you are interested in becoming a better and happier writer I urge you to find your own writing community or join mine!

The Undertow



Traps craftily designed


Long perfect green curls

The Oath of the Writing Teacher

I am a writer


Does light exist or


Darkest hour or penumbra


Pressure within atmosphere

The Stones

Has stone howling time come again

With Age

Shining youth believes

The Orchard

Spring breeze carries scent

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