I am a writing evangelist because writing has always been my guide, my refuge, and my path over, under, or through life’s travails. Writing has led me on adventures, delivered answers, and introduced opportunity. I love writing for myself and for others, but I know that too many fear the pen and the keyboard and as a result their voices are stilled by red ink and harsh judgments of those too quick to judge a message by its spelling or sentence structure. This is a tragedy.

I want those stilled voices awoken to sing out and bring joy to the writer and to the world. One of my greatest joys is take part in an event where writers are brought together to share our voices in a wonderful cacophony of ideas and emotions released into the ether. Equally, I love when I can help a writer whose voice has been locked away break free in all its glory and power. I fervently believe that once I have helped that voice soar then it can never caged again.

Learn more about what my work with teachers can involve by checking out my teaching blog: Metawriting. Similarly, check out the prompts I could use to lead a writing event for writers of any ages if you are interested in inviting this writing evangelist to work with students, teachers, or writers of all ages.

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