I make writers. What's your superpower? DeannaMascle.com


I am a writer. I am a teacher. I am a storyteller.

But at my deepest core I am a writer who is happiest when I spend time writing and sharing with other writers.

I believe in the power and magic of writing to help us grow and heal. I believe writing can be fun and playful. I believe the best writing activities offer both fun and meaning.

That is my passion – helping others become writers whether they are my students, young writers just finding their way, or adult writers whose faith in their muse is broken.

I provide inspiration, guidance, and support for writers who want to play, learn, and/or discover/reconnect with their muse. I provide meaningful writing opportunities that offer fun and growth to writers of all ages.

I make writers! What’s your superpower?

How do I make writers?

  • By celebrating writing and encouraging others to #JustWrite using the prompts I share
  • By leading writing workshops (morning, afternoon, or evening) or retreats (full day) focused on celebrating writing, invention and play, healing and therapy, or challenge and exploration
  • By managing writing studio experiences working with a group of writers (online or in person) over time

Do you want to make writers with me? Please contact me via Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ or by emailing DeannaMascle (@) gmail.com and we can talk about the writers and the experience you would like to offer.