I am a writer and I am a maker of writers. I have spent my career teaching, coaching, guiding, and mentoring writers. This web site is dedicated to the important work of supporting writers and celebrating writing, because I am a writing evangelist.

In this space, I share truths and lessons that I have learned about writers based on my decades of experience as a professional writer and editor as well as writing teacher, but more important I share writing prompts, because one of the most important things I have learned about writing is that to be a writer you need to write. I celebrate writing by sharing my writing as well as the work of other writers.

I hope you will use this web site to #JustWrite using my writing prompts and enjoy both my truths about writing and my creative musings, but I also wish you would consider hosting a writing workshop or writing studio. Please contact me via Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ or by emailing DeannaMascle (@) gmail.com and we can talk about the writers and the experience you would like to offer.

My recent posts (a mix of writing prompts, truths, and my own writing):