Advent Writing Challenge

One of the ways that I have managed to retain a fingerhold on sanity throughout this pandemic has been my community of writers. First formed Dispatches From Home in the Spring and then moved into #WriteAcrossAmerica in the Summer and #WriteOut in the Fall. I knew the holiday season would be the most challenging of all so I decided to set up the Writing Our Way Through marathon to get us through the holidays and into the start of the spring semester. One of my personal goals for December was to write every day and a confluence of events inspired me to create my own Advent calendar full of poems selected to inspire me to write. 

While these poems were chosen with an Advent theme in mind they are not, for the most part, heavily Christian in orientation. Instead I selected poems that followed the themes we see in the Christian celebration of Advent such as hope, light, anticipation, and love. I know that the words as well as the images and emotions evoked by them will provide a lot of fodder for me to write my way through December (and likely beyond).

I hope that you will find this Advent Writing Calendar inspiring for you as well.