Filling in the gaps: Engaging and supporting the development of writers at Morehead State University

Presentation with Alvin Madden-Grider (Tutoring and Learning Center) and Morehead State University students Megan Ison (peer writer) and Kelly Reid (writing tutor) at 2013 Kentucky Engagement Conference held Nov. 6 at Eastern Kentucky University. Abstract: This session will focus on how the partnership between the Morehead State University Tutoring and Learning Center and the Morehead […]

National Day On Writing

Organized regional National Day On Writing celebration Oct. 20-24, 2013, that included collaborative effort on campus of Morehead State University as well as participation of Morehead Writing Project teachers and students throughout the region. The celebration events included daily writing prompts and activities. Learn more about the National Day On Writing celebration on the Morehead […]

Teen Writers Day Out

Led writing marathon including six word stories, Twitter fiction, and slam poetry (with the assistance of Mandy Lawson and her Sheldon Clark High School students) for 140 teen writers from Bath, Martin, and Montgomery counties on Oct. 24, 2013. Previously led a Teen Writers Day Out for 120 students from Boyd, Fleming. and Rowan counties […]

Writers, Tutors, Teachers, Oh my!

Discussion (with Alvin Madden-Grider) at Southeastern Writing Center Association – Kentucky Conference held Sept. 20, 2013, at Eastern Kentucky University Noel Studio. What happens when your National Writing Project site gets into the tutoring business? Come join our conversation about the pros-cons of marrying an NWP Writing Studio with a Tutoring and Learning Center in […]

High- vs. Low-Stakes Writing

Presented at Aug. 13 at Morehead State University 2013 Professional Development Day and Nov. 2 at 2013 Writing Eastern Kentucky Conference at Morehead State University. Avoiding a Grading Avalanche More about Low-stakes writing: San Francisco State University on Low Stakes Assignments includes 2 good sources Specific Uses and Benefits of Low Stakes Writing – Peter Elbow […]

Learning Communities/Networks: Harnessing Social Media to Create Social Capital

Kentucky Innovations Conference Community plays an important role in learning and social capital is key for both students and educators. There are many tools available to form and foster community. This session will introduce educators to four social media tools (Twitter, Google, Facebook, Edmodo) which they can use to create their own personal learning networks as well as […]

Understanding and Addressing Cultural Discontinuity in Appalachia

Kentucky Innovations Powerpoint slides and notes Appalachia notes Students from marginalized populations often experience clashes in the expectations of their home and school environments, a cultural discontinuity that may impact their motivation and self-esteem which in turn hinders their chances for academic performance and long-term success. This presentation will provide an overview of the economic, […]