June 14

Hooray! 1914 has been fixed and I posted a poem that pleases me greatly so today is a banner LexPoMo day! I’ve been thinking about today’s post (Lack of Purchase) for days because The place where we are right is hard and trampled by Yehuda Amichai speaks so much to where we are today as humans. Clearly I am not the only poet writing in response to these times as the poem next to mine in the LexPoMo feed is Where the u goes. Then I quickly find smudge and love the synchronicity of poets writing and sharing together.

Some days I feel so seen and I can only hope that you are happier and healthier than me so that no one’s friend does not strike the chord that it does with me, And of course, in our cycles of anxiety which comes first that or this: The Pain of Your Perception which pairs well with ummm can we meet at the library. But we must remember to question and question and question again both our perceptions and others as you can see with 14. But I will leave this with one final poem that ends today’s journey on a high note: Surfing the Waves.

Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay