When did you last explore the creases in your brain? Have you ever considered the jagged edges of your life?

As my students finish crafting their “What If” stories, I asked them to reflect on the lessons they had learned during their writing journeys this semester and invited the Just Write Virtual Writing Group along.

We began with the delicious poem Everything Needs Fixing by Karla Cordero. We explored the metaphor offered by Cordero as it applied to us as writers and humans. What tool(s) are most important to you? What tool(s) do you still need to acquire? How do you feel about the jagged imperfections still evident in your writing and life? But we also contemplated the magic and the chaos. Where do you discover magic – whether a tiny sprinkle of fairy dust or a full-blown miracle? What did you find in the chaos?

We also used the evocative Lessons by Vanessa Stauffer to inspire our reflection about what emerged for us as we wrote and read and discussed our journeys as humans and writers this semester. Ask yourself:

  • What memory will you retain?
  • What creases have been made on your brain?

Reflection is an important part of every writer’s journey and should play an important role in every human’s journey as well. When did you last reflect?

Image by Andy Gries from Pixabay