The Oath of the Writing Teacher

I am a writer
Because I must write to know
Myself and the world
Writing both lifeblood and itch
Just guiding light and anchor

I swear before Cadmus, Saraswati, Thoth, and Seshat

Primeval Cadmus
Heroic monster slayer
Bringer of letters

O Saraswati
Provider of eloquence
Goddess of learning

O Thoth and Seshat
Authors of hieroglyphs
Gods of book knowledge

To first do no harm and at last tolerate no malpractice
Devoted to the flourishing of writers in my care

Respect rhetors past
Remember art, science, heart
Teach the whole human
Center, safeguard the writer
Commune in creative joy

Published via LexPoMo 2021. Image by Salih Altuntaş from Pixabay