What Is Your Answer?

This invitation to write is the third of three created for the Morehead Writing Project’s Small Poems, Great Writers project. I thought National Poetry Month was the perfect time to share these invitations to write your own poetry. All three invitations were inspired by the #WalkMyWorld Project and a What If project I created for my students in Fall 2021. The Small Poems, Great Writers project includes writers in the Morehead Writing Project community from kindergarten through retirement so there should be something in every invitation to spark your muse.

Who are you and where are you going challenges you to explore your identity and goals, to consider your truth and your purpose, your challenges and your gifts – so naturally we began with Encanto and the question of what makes us special:

We then drew on poetry to celebrate our dreams and goals:

We then explored the role of art and the making of art in our lives. What is art? What makes someone an artist or writer? How does your art tell us who you are?

We then wrapped up our exploration of our origin stories over the three invitations with these questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you believe?
  • Where are you going?

Image by atul kapse from Pixabay