Keeping Secrets

I listen to a lot of podcasts and one of my favorite’s is the TED Radio Hour. A recent episode about keeping secrets has really inspired my writing recently and so I wanted to share it. This is the official description of that podcast: Frank Warren is the creator of The PostSecret Project, a collection of […]

My #OLW for 2019 is Connect

Finding one little word (#OLW) to guide my year is usually a challenge for me. Some years it has been an epic challenge. My life is no less of a mess than previous years (see 2018: Question, 2017: Light, 2016: Cool, and 2015: Simplicity), but recently I have been putting a lot of thought into my Spring Semester teaching plans […]

One Who Eats at the Table of Another

They do not kill their hosts Living on the host’s surface Living inside the host’s body Reducing their fitness Stealing their food Obligates completing their life cycle Castrators diverting the host’s energy Often close relatives Taking advantage of interspecific interactions Modifying host behavior Exploiting their hosts Sooner or later they will kill their hosts   […]