This prompt invites you to hack Ekphrasis Poetry. A reminder for those (like me) who can’t keep their poetry forms straight:
“Ekphrastic poems are now understood to focus only on works of art—usually paintings, photographs, or statues. And modern ekphrastic poems have generally shrugged off antiquity’s obsession with elaborate description, and instead have tried to interpret, inhabit, confront, and speak to their subjects.”
The Academy of American Poets challenged us recently to write poems dedicated to our favorite pieces of art. More examples of inspired by art.
I love Ekphrasis Poetry as much as the next writer, but as we are not able to visit a museum or gallery right now (although I suppose we could hunt down some outdoor art in our vicinity) why not instead hack this poetry form and instead write about what we have before us! Ordinary household objects, furniture and appliances, or perhaps the thing that is getting us through this quarantine: FOOD!

Don’t forget to share your writing using the #JustWrite hashtag and check out a new writing community the Morehead Writing Project formed to support us during these trying times.