This week the Just Write Virtual Writing Group wrote about hinges. This has long been an idea that captured my imagination. Back in 2017 I was inspired by A Better Life by Randall Mann to post the prompt Thinking About the Hinge with the invitation to:

write about the hinges of your life — a time when it is useful to your growth to reflect on what came before and after that pivot point in your life.

Thinking About the Hinge

The idea of a the hinge provides endless inspiration: I love the idea of “hinges” because they can be a door or a gate opening or closing or swinging in the breeze. You can write about the opportunity offered by the open door, the barrier to opportunity represented by the locked door, or the delicate balance of the risks and opportunities offered by the swinging door.

Back in the first pandemic winter I returned to the idea of hinges with the nascent (and not yet named) Just Write Virtual Writing Group. Our invitation to write included the idea of the personal hinge but also mixed in our collective hinges. After all, this feels very much like a hinge moment for our society, our country, our world with issues from justice to health to politics to the environment hanging in the balance. Concluding with the questions: Where do you hope this hinge moment will take you personally. Who do you want to be on the other side of this moment?

The most recent writing invitation built on these ideas to explore the many meanings and functions of hinges and to consider the metaphors and possibilities that hinges offer us to consider in our writing.

We mixed in the dictionary and encyclopedia descriptions of hinges and folded in the aeronautical engineering description of the hinge moment to consider the mechanics and functions of hinges from manmade to biological. I then shared a poem inspired by hinges that I wrote for the 2021 LexPoMo which was chosen for the anthology: Zero Moment Hinge and another poem chosen for the 2019 LexPoMo anthology as another example of a hinge moment: Pocket.

So far this week I have written two journal entries inspired by hinges and I am sure that I am not done with hinges yet. What inspiration can you find in the hinge?

Image by 2427999 from Pixabay