Slam Poetry

Writing is therapeutic and perhaps Slam Poetry is the best therapy of all. We incorporate Slam Poetry into many of our Morehead Writing Project events and it is always a hit. I also like to use Slam Poetry in my classes to help my students uncover their deepest thoughts and fears as well as relieve stress. But ultimately, the beautiful thing about Slam Poetry is that it is poetry for writers who are afraid of poetry. There is no rhyme and the rhythm is only that of your own heartbeat, because there are no rules in Slam Poetry as long as it is true and real.

The Urban Dictionary defines Slam Poetry as:

A type of poetry expressing a persons personal story and/or struggle usually in an intensely emotional style. Very powerful, sincere, and moving.

Slam Poetry is meant to be read out loud and performed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t write it alone as a way to exorcise your fears and let your anger rampage. Bottom line is that Slam Poetry comes from your heart and your mind and your gut. It is the passions and thoughts always seething just beneath the surface. It might be better for you to experience Slam Poetry as I first did by hearing a slam poem delivered by the man who first taught me about this form: Taylor Mali with I’ll Fight You For The Library.

I created a Slam Poetry playlist to help you become a slam poet. The playlist includes two brief tutorials to help you get started with slam poetry, but our usual method is simple.

1.Think about what makes you hot as in angry, excited, thrilled; what weighs heavily on your mind, heart, or soul today; make a list of these things

2. Spend a few moments contemplating your list and pick the one thing that really matters right now and write about it — just let it all out on the page and don’t stop until we tell you

Yes, it really can be that simple. Give your emotions free rein. Clearly, you can craft and shape your message more tightly for performance or sharing purposes, but at its essence, slam poetry is a pressure valve. You can use it for this purpose alone or create something to share. Your choice.

Watch the slams I shared on my Playlist, cruise through Youtube to find still more slams, and then write your own. You can check out some of my rants on my other blog and I hope to have some slams to share here soon.

Now go forth and write your own slam poems! Don’t forget to share them using the #JustWrite hashtag.

Artwork by Martinak15 on Flickr