Word Craft & Word Play

I have a dream. It is a simple dream. A group of friends gather together to write and share our words. We could gather for a brief writing workshop as a respite or reward. Or we could spend a whole day together in a writing retreat.

Our approach to writing is completely up to you. I’m all in for the sheer joy of writing, but we can…

  • celebrate writing by tapping into the pleasure of crafting words
  • invent new creations and play with words in fun and different ways
  • heal our wounds with our words in a writing therapy session
  • challenge ourselves by explorating ourselves and our world through our writing

No heavy lifting here, and there will be no talk of grammar, just crafting words (sometimes with images) into something playful and interesting or thoughtful and energizing. It will be fun, it will be creative, and you will leave with something artful and original you can take away to share (or not).

We can enjoy some snacks and beverages with our word play. Ideally we’ll be a small group of people who enjoy words and word craft. No prior writing experience required.

If you have ever thought about writing then this is the perfect opportunity to dip your toe into the water. If you think you are not a writer then let me show you what you can do.

If you are interested just contact me via Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ or by emailing DeannaMascle (@) gmail.com and we can arrange a word craft workshop or retreat.