Celebrating All Aspects of Love

My students and I have been talking about how capitalism has sold us a Valentine’s Day story that we want to reject. Honoring our romantic partners should certainly be a part of any celebration of love, but why not also our family, our friends, and ourselves? In December I shared my Advent of Love poetic calendar which featured poems exploring love in many forms including all those I’ve already mentioned plus places, hobbies, pets, and the world. I vote that we take back Valentine’s Day and celebrate the many dimensions of love in our lives.

In this slice of time we often forget to love ourselves, to honor the mentors who have taught us live and love, and to celebrate the future. Take time today to celebrate the loves of your life whatever form they take. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I found a poem in my Advent of Love poetic calendar for my two nephews and son as they embark on the next levels of their romantic pairings.

Featured Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay