I found a poem in a Wikipedia article

I try to write in my journal regularly because life is hard and I need a safe outlet but also because I know that many seeds must be sown. I write a lot about my daily life, worries, and troubles because I’m human. The struggle is real, but none of these things are unique. There are a few common themes (none unique) and I started thinking about how we see those same themes play out in the natural world which led me to a series of Wikipedia articles and one of those articles left me with a poem: One Who Eats at the Table of AnotherThis is a free-form Found poem and my first based on a scientific text, but I do not think it will be my last as I think the natural world holds much inspiration for poetry.

A very special kind of found poem is the Cento which is a poem found in the lines (or titles) of other poems! For example I wrote “a gut punch poem” out of lines from my LexPoMo entries.

Where can you find inspiration for your found poetry? It does not matter what you write. It just matters that you #JustWrite!


Artwork from Pixabay