I Wish You Knew

As I note in my post “7 Reasons To Write For Yourself,” writing is feeling. I have a lot of feelings (and yes, as the image above implies a lot of rage). I have to release these feelings or risk serious consequences to my health, now even more than ever I need to take care of myself.

I have discovered a wonderful release valve with a prompt inspired by Kyle Schwartz. I think the prompt “I wish you knew…” might be the most awesome prompt ever. It is helping me work on my cure for rage face one word, one blog post, at a time. This “I wish you knew” post captures some of my fear and frustration about teaching today. Directed at my administration and state leaders, I wish I could make them understand the real human toll their actions wreak.

Expect more responses soon! What about you? Is there something you wish others knew or understood?

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