empty classroom with rows of desks, white board and chalk boards and maps on the walls

Important Lessons

My first year writers are in the midst of drafting This I Believe essays and today I challenged them to think about the most important lesson they have learned. I used Brad Aaron Modlin’s What You Missed That Day You Were Absent From Fourth Grade to inspire their writing. I gave them this simple prompt:

Write about the most important lesson you have learned in your one wild wonderful life.

While our first round of writing focused on life lessons, I then challenged my students to write about writing:

This poem tells us that our learning should be more than simple grammar or mathematics worksheets. It should be intentional and big picture and influence not only what we do but who we are and how we live. With that in mind, think about what writing skill or lesson you want to focus on for the coming week. What is one thing you want to think about to be a better writer?

What lessons did you learn from fourth grade or life that are worth preserving and passing on?

Image by WOKANDAPIX from Pixabay.