Meme All The Things

I love memes (see playlist and this infographic if you want to know more about memes). I know that isn’t a very original thing to say. After all, memes owe their existence to our universal enjoyment. But I don’t mean that I love simply to view them. I do, I’m not a robot after all, but I really really love making them (see my Meme gallery). This love is similar to my six-word story addiction, but some days I feel like creating something more visual more interactive — and that’s where memes come in! Exhibit A (created to celebrate my love of six-word stories using The Most Interesting Man In The World meme – Create Your Own here):


Meme making is something creative and fun and is a wonderful escape. You can spend just a few minutes creating a meme capturing your mood or thought of the moment or you can spend hours. I must warn you that meme making can be a black hole that can swallow hours if not a whole day. Much like potato chips, I can rarely stop with just one meme. That is why I chose the the X All The Y meme (create your own here) to illustrate this post.

I often meme to blow off some steam:



Futurama FryCreate Your Own


Annoyed Picard – Create Your Own


Condescending WonkaCreate Your Own


PhilosoraptorCreate Your Own


You can learn about memes on the Know Your Meme web site and the world is the limit for creating your own although I have included links to a number of templates just to get you started.

Now go forth and create your own memes! Don’t forget to share them using the #JustWrite hashtag (and #memes too).

My Meme Collection