Tell It Slant

What truth does your writing reveal? What truth does your writing teach you about yourself? What truth does your writing reveal about the world? What does your writing reveal that so dazzles the eye you must consider whether or not others (or yourself) can handle the truth?

I have written much in recent years about how I use poetry in my classroom as both inspiration and mentor text, but one specific poem has become my multi-use tool to guide both reflection and innovation for my students. In fact, that poem was so influential that I mentioned it in my 2022 year-in-review as well as in my tone-setting blog post: In 2023 My #OLW Offers Perspective. Emily Dickinson’s poem Tell all the truth but tell it slant is a powerful prompt to inspire writing about the truth and how much truth you dare reveal to yourself or others (for reasons).

Even though each time the poem is used in my classroom I must write at least twice to it I find the text always offers new perspectives on my own life and thinking to explore so I invite you to write out your own truth.

Image by M. Maggs from Pixabay