The Games We Played

One of the most common writing themes is to explore our roots: the people and places and events that shaped (and still shape) our lives. I spent a delightful morning walking down memory lane and writing about the games of my youth and the friends who once played with me. I was fortunate to grow up in town, so there were many kids my age in my neighborhood or within easy bike-riding distance. This meant games of sandlot baseball and football as well as kick the can, spotlight tag, and games we invented or hacked to serve our current whim or circumstances.

My morning writing binge was inspired by Charles Simic’s “Hide and Seek” and my invitation to you is to spend some time reflecting and writing about the games you played and the places where you played and the people with which you played. Give your emotions full rein but spend time steeping in the senses as well.

You can uncover more ideas for writing your origin story with these prompts. Don’t forget to share them using the #JustWrite hashtag.