What If You Noticed?

What sounds and silence do you notice as you move about in the world? How do those sounds work upon you?

This week as my students and I continued on our “What If” journey, we used I did not notice the birds by Michael Sun to guide our exploration of our world, or rather worlds, and in particular the sounds and soundtracks of those worlds.

First we focused on the sounds of our worlds using Kalki Koechlin’s Noise to write about the sounds inside and outside our homes as well as the sounds we encounter as we move about the world. Then we used Meditation for the Silence of Morning by Adam Clay to explore how we feel and think about silence.

Later we dug into our musical memories and wrote about the songs that are part of our identity because of our relationship with a specific person, place, or group. Then we took inspiration from the Spotify playlist Jericho Brown used to write The Tradition (and the book titled for the poem). Finally, we considered the importance of the playlist beginning with consideration of the playlist poetry challenge: “You Being Boss of the Playlist“.

When did you last consider your playlist as an invitation to reflect and write?

Image by Christiane from Pixabay