How Are You?

Sometimes we just need to write to unburden our hearts and our minds. Focusing on the simple question, how are you, is enough of a prompt on those days.

However, it can be helpful to us personally to also locate our touchstones and ask: what do you know is true? Even when the world, or just your personal world, or both are in tremendous upheaval and chaos rules there are still essential truths that are real and reassuring. What is your truth? What is still true for you?

I recently attended a National Writing Project network event (virtually, of course, because pandemic) where we explored these two questions and used the following poems as launching pads for our writing. I have found much to inspire me here over recent days and I hope you will as well:

Don’t forget to share your writing using the #JustWrite hashtag and check out a new writing community the Morehead Writing Project formed to support us during these trying times.