The Way

Undulating pathObstacle inspirationPropel us forwardThreading always to our goalUnknown and misunderstood Published via LexPoMo 2021. Image by Barry Leiba via Flickr.

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cardinal in flight

A Cardinal Experience

CardinalFrom the latin cardoWhich means hinge A curious linkFrom my high school studiesTo both of our college mascots Cardinals serveAs a doorway connectingEarth and spirit Your birthA Cardinal ExperienceIn my life Your momentous selfA link betweenPast and future Written for my son Noah. Published via LexPoMo 2021. Image by Carol Berney via Flickr.

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Image of cardinal in flight by Sheila Sellers

For Noah

A cardinal is exactly who you were meant to beHere on the hinge of childhoodWith adulthood vivid and bright before you I wish you a big lifeFull of love and laughter and meaningI hope you will always live largeWith a generous spirit and eyes fixed on the horizon The cardinal you have always beenLoyal tender…

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