What If You Hoped?

Where do you place your hope? How do you send your hope out into the world?

As we near the end of the semester, my students are planning their What If projects and so this week we engaged in some writing and thinking to support that work. We’ve been preparing artifacts for those projects using these invitations:

We began our planning process by asking the question (drawing inspiration from Lady Jordan by Denice Frohman): What shape, number, metaphor, or pattern is important to you and what meaning does it hold? We got some great writing out this invitation.

Then we drew inspiration from [Traveler, your footprints] by Antonio Machado and wrote in response to these invitations:

  • How do you picture your life journey? It is by river or road or sea?
  • Is it carefully mapped or are you charting your own path?

We then considered our dreams for the future and what metaphor we could use to guide it, using Evening by Jeremy Radin as our spark.

Our planning session wrapped up with The Language Issue by Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill as we considered what we hope to find.

Image by 倩 汪 from Pixabay