Writing In, Writing Small

Yet another writing prompt is inspired by the National Writing Project and once again we are going to twist an old prompt (actually more than one old prompt). This week we invite you to Write In with #WriteOut: What happens if instead of going outside to write, we practice what it means to write in together? What if we were explorers of our own spaces and places, curators of our artifacts and archives, writers of our own experiences and histories?
For my own writing I am drawn to the small poems they suggest…perhaps because small poems are all that my head can hold just now as I race toward the end of the semester and the beginning of summer programs looms large on the horizon. Learn more about Writing In With #WriteOut.
Zoom in and seek inspiration for your writing at home!
Don’t forget to share your writing using the #JustWrite hashtag and check out a new writing community the Morehead Writing Project formed to support us during these trying times.